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Agno Eats

Gluten and Dairy free meals delivered straight to you door!? Yes Please!


This new service started by Alexandros Bakakis, a nutritionist and strength coach, brings healthy meals to your home. Food delivery does not have to be fast junk food anymore, now with Agno Eats you can get natural, delicious, quality foods prepared for you. They use all organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy free, sugar-free and non-GMO ingredients in their meals.

When I first heard about Agno Eats, I got goose bumps! There is a reason why I keep going out and trying to find gluten free and healthier choices at restaurants. I am a clutz in the kitchen, I can’t make anything right..but with my chronic auto-immune condition, I am forced to eat a certain way and avoid allergens and toxins.

So having someone prepare meals that are exactly what my doctor and nutritionist ordered is beyond exciting!!

I ordered organic grilled chicken breast with orange ginger sauce, served with squash purée and vegetables. It came in a nice box in a paper bag with my name on it.


I loved the variety on the plate, and that squash purée was amazing!! I felt like my body was really getting good nutrition and lots of healthy goodness in it, amazing experience!


Here are few words from Alex Bakakis about his brand:

“Agno Sante is a gluten-free and organic brand. Although gluten-free lifestyle is fantastic for individuals with celiac, it’s also a great way of life for everyone. It allows individuals to eat whole foods and not processed foods that make you tired and create brain fog. For an individual that needs to be energized for a full day of work or the elite athlete gluten-free is the way to go. More energy, increased wellbeing and good digestive health are just some of the benefits of living a gluten-free lifestyle.”


Their vegan bowls also look very appetizing! I am trying that next!
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