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“Fed Up” The Movie

fed-up-movieThere is another new documentary about food, and I just had to see it.

It’s called “Fed up” and it takes on pretty much every major health belief of the last 30 years.

Conventional wisdom has told us that we are fat because of overeating and laziness and if we just get off our butts, eat less and exercise more, we will lose weight. Fed Up says “Forget about it!”

It is the food we eat that is making us sick and fat, and no matter how much we exercise, if we don’t improve our diet, nothing is going to change.

In about 80% of all foods on the market there is added sugar that has given rise to our obesity and diabetes epidemics. As prevalence of fat-free foods grew, food manufacturers began adding sugar to their products to make them yummier and more addictive.

“Your brain lights up with sugar just like it does with cocaine or heroine, you are going to become and addict”

I had no idea but it does not matter what kind of sweetener you choose, your body reacts exactly the same way.  Be it high fructose corn syrup, honey or stevia, the result is the same! Insulin levels spike, liver goes in overdrive and the end result is fat.
Really makes me think twice before I stuff myself in the jar of honey.

As we got bigger, so did the weight loss industry- gyms, weight-loss centres, weight loss surgeries, weight loss programs – it feeds off our obesity epidemic, yet our waistlines are not getting smaller.

The film follows four children  — all of whom are obese and battling to lose weight.  These kids are doing exactly what we were told we need to do to lose weight and be healthy –  they exercise and follow low-fat diet but keep getting fatter and sicker. The answer is sugar!

The movie shows that we can not depend on our government and food industry to help us make better choices when it comes to food. Junk food companies are acting the same way as tobacco companies acted 30 years ago.

We are being sponsored to be fat and to get sick.

We have to take control into our own hands, start a conversation, make better choices when we go to the grocery store and not wait until its too late and too obvious that this food is making us sick. Our health is up to us!

Funny alert: Shelley Rosen of McDonald’s corporation testifying before Congress:
” Ronald McDonald never sells to children, he informs and inspires through magic and fun”

Two years ago I went on a “no processed foods” diet and it completely transformed my health. In addition to feeling amazing I  lost about 20+ pounds. I really believe the food is our medicine, and choosing real foods instead of processed junk can be a huge step towards our improving our health.



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