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My list of Best Gluten Free Restaurants – 2017

If you are just visiting for a weekend or have been living in Montreal for a long time and just got diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerance, here is a list of places I have personally tried (more than a few times) and trust that they will take good care of you. 

But ALWAYS remember to let your waiter know you have an allergy.


  1. ST.HENRI: Kleine Shoppe
  2. LITTLE BURGUNDY: Candide. This restaurant is very special, it is located in the basement of an old church and also very hard to find. Here, I even had to take a photo when we found it! This is farm to table restaurant with an amazing selection of wines to go with the meal. The kitchen is open so no matter where you sit, you can see the chef preparing the meals. Obviously its super gluten free, but if you have other food allergies/sensitivities they can easily modify the dishes for you, and they do it with pleasure. If you get wine pairing, every time they bring a new wine, they tell you a story of where it came from. I was pregnant while I was going to this restaurant, but just listening about the wines made me feel satisfied haha. I heard from many people that I recommended this place to that they had the most amazing meal and the best experience ever! GO!
  3. GRIFFINTOWN: Spanel.  This is my all time favourite brunch place!  They use buckwheat flour to make the most delicious gluten free crêpes! Mention that you have celiac, and they will clean the area before preparing your crepe. If you are going on the weekend, call in advance to make reservation(they get busy, especially in the summer) I love Westmount crepe with duck confit. Fancy yumster!!! This one on the picture is dessert crepe, i get it right after main meal crepe haha gf-crepes-spanel-quebecois1960 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H3J 1M8    
  4. PLATEAU: Arepera du Plateau is 100% gluten free facility. Arepas are traditional Venezuelan/Colombian hand made 100% corn, gluten-free bread.This place is just awesome, fast and safe. Go there with empty stomachs and don’t have any plans for later haha When I eat there, everything is sooo good I just can’t stop ordering more of everything!  arepa montreal gluten free
  5. WESTMOUNT: If you are into sushi, Park Restaurant is a very popular and amazing place. It is pricey, but it’s worth it. The ingredients are always fresh,  the dishes are very creative and the vibe is very energetic. park
  6. The Keg Steakhouse, with few locations in Montreal is always a safe choice if you want a great steak. They take food allergies and sensitivities very serious, chef or manager always comes out to talk to you!
  7. Ice Cream Bilboquet. They have few locations all over Montreal. I go there for mango coconut sorbet that I cant believe is not ice cream – gluten free and dairy free, its truly heaven for a person with multiple food sensitivities.
  8. MONKLAND: Food de Toi This is the place where I had a pizza that tasted like pizza!! The crust is chickpea, almost, squash and flax seed. The word of warning, the pizza was $12(its not big). But for me it was worth every penny, the taste is out of this world!! They make bunch of interesting gluten free meals and treats. The place is like a shop/cafe, so definitely stop by if you are in the neighborhood,
  9. LITTLE BURGUNDY (Again) : Chez Sophie This is a really nice restaurant if you want to have a “Meet your parents” dinner or just take your family out. The food is to die for, I once ordered a Salmon dish (heart of soft salmon, carrots coriander and mango chutney, curry coulis dish) and my heart literally started singing, It was the best salmon I ever tasted.
  • September 6, 2015 - 4:11 pm

    Karen - Hi!
    If you are a Celiac, you should be careful with L’Arepera. I have been many times and was sick from what I ate there. They don’t use food products that are certified gluten-free (spices, cornstarch, etc). I stopped going because it was pointless to go since it made me so sick. I have been on the g-f diet for over 10 years.ReplyCancel

    • September 7, 2015 - 6:18 pm

      yumsterlife - Hi Karen!! Thank you so much for this!! That is really alarming to hear, as they claim to be fully gluten free. I will speak to them and get more info on ingredients that they use and see if they need to go off the top ten best gluten free restaurants in Montreal list. Thanks again!!!!ReplyCancel

    • April 15, 2016 - 7:23 pm

      Sabrina - Hi Karen, I’m curious to know if you have found any other places around Montreal that offer gluten-free options that haven’t caused you any trouble. It’s really hard to find…ReplyCancel

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