Gluten – Free Montreal » The guide to gluten free restaurants in Montreal

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Old Montreal

Old Montreal has a lot of incredible restaurants, most of them are able to accommodate customers with food sensitivities, none of them are 100% gluten free. So anywhere you go, you always have to be careful and let waiter know its an allergy and make sure they take you seriously. I will list few of my faves and I will keep updating the list.

Garde Manger: This is one of the best restaurants around, if you are looking for a true Montreal experience. Everything is top notch – food, drinks, service. This restaurant is one of the reasons why when travelling to Europe, I don’t get impressed by restaurants anymore. I really do think Montreal has THE best chefs out there! so yeah, go! They are totally on board with the whole gluten thing, and will help ordering and can customize dishes for you as well.

Le Club Chasse Et Peche: This is another fancy (expensive) restaurant in Old Montreal. The dishes they create really is art, truly a foodie heaven. If you are looking for a very special experience, and want to be blown away by food, I highly recommend.

Chez L’Epicier: This has been our all time favorite restaurants since we moved to Montreal in 2013. If you are visiting want to experience the true French( or Quebecois?) cuisine, go here! It’s a definitely a fancy night out or a date night. Their menu is seasonal, so it’s always a surprise. But one thing is for sure, they have the best macaroons in town!! I always order a little extra:)

The Keg: Yes, its a chain, yes its the Keg, but its the safe choice if you want to get a good quality steak and a great service, with very knowledgeable staff that knows exactly what  gluten is and how to serve gluten intolerance public. I love coming here and always feel respected when ordering with my special needs.  Yum!

Restaurant Holder: Been here way too many times! It is a perfect place to meet friends, bring parents, go for a date night, brunch with’s just perfect! Also interior always reminds me of New York! Service is impeccable. This is not 100% gluten free, but they can easily accommodate.