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Strictly 100% Gluten Free

Here is a very short list of 100% Gluten Free restaurants. Ugh! I wish there was more in Mtl, but I will take what I can get!

Kleine Shoppe:

It’s a cafe/bakery in St. Henri neighborhood close to Atwater market, everything is homemade and so delicious!!! When I first went there, I tried a blueberry cheesecake, I ordered a second one just before I finished first one. I do not get to have desert often, but thanks to Kleine Shoppe..i have a place to go now when I need a little pick me up. The owner, Katie Kooks, is awesome and also makes lunches, stuff to go and offers catering services. Yum! There is also good coffee!



Arepera du Plateau:

Love this place! It’s good for stuffing yourself..just kidding. Its great for lunch or just random quick meal.

Arepas are traditional Venezuelan/Colombian hand made from corn. I ordere Guasacaca – Vegan Arepa with avocado, onions, tomatoes, lime and coriander. It comes with hot sauce! Also for appetizer – Fried Plantains! Amazing!!! I usually end up ordering few servings of these…that’s where “stuffing yourself” comes from:)

Zero 8: It is 100% Gluten Free and I have not been there yet! Their work hours are so limited..but I am making my way there. Stay tuned for updates!:)